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Our Doctors

Our qualified weight loss doctors provide a customized prescription of nutrition and exercise that suits your unique body type and lifestyle. This way you get slim and stay slim.

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3 Phase Approach to Weight Loss

1. Acute Weight Loss Phase

2. Transitional Phase

3. Wellness Phase

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Affordable Celebrity Medical Weight Loss Clinics With Shocking Results

What’s The Secret About Celebrity Medical Weight Loss?

Ever wonder how celebrities lose weight at light speed and maintain their great figures? The answer is actually simple: imagine you were to stop eating because you had no cravings and were not hungry, but you got all the vitamins and minerals you needed to stay healthy! That’s the medical weight loss secret! Your body would have to lose weight even if you did no exercise! Only weight loss clinics can offer these shocking results. But you couldn’t do the same by just dieting, because our powerful appetite suppressants used at our weight loss clinics work so well that only doctors can prescribe them and they have to keep a close eye on your health. Weight loss clinics have special vitamin and mineral formulations specifically designed for rapid weight loss programs that are not available at drug stores. But losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t stop there.

No Exercise Necessary!

Our board certified weight loss doctors at our weight loss clinics can use very powerful appetite suppressants that you and I cannot obtain over the counter. The private counseling and weekly checkups keep you oriented and motivated. In some cases they will use some calorie restriction, but combined with moderate use of appetite suppressants and vitamin boosting supplements, you can lose weight as though you were exercising.

Your Lifestyle, Your Doctor, Your Program

All of our weight loss programs are customized to suit you, but the most common profiles of weight loss candidates fit into one of these programs. Which one suits you?

No “Body” Left Behind – Unique Plans For Unique Situations

“Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live.” – Socrates Our weight loss clinic behavior modification focuses on enabling you to eat satisfying meals from real grocery stores by preparing easy meals that will let you live longer. It’s virtually impossible for you not to lose weight because our weight loss centers are operated by experts in nutrition, weight loss, medicine and behaviour modification. Yes, our weight loss clinics don’t just make you lose dramatic amounts of weight in record times, they modify how you eat and behave in the long run. Our medical weight control centers provide:
  • weekly weight loss clinic support, encouragement and oversight
  • education about real world foods and recipes that are easy to find in grocery stores
  • shopping lists and weekly “weigh ins”
  • temptation control tricks

Top 12 Reasons Why Our Weight Loss Centers Are Guaranteed To Work For You!

  1. SAFE AND HEALTHY weight loss programs: No exercise needed, and no risk of consuming dangerous diet pills or undergoing bariatric surgery
  2. SUPERVISION BY DOCTORS who have specialized in medical weight loss: Trained weight loss doctors and nurses keep a watchful eye every step of the way
  3. WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS THAT TARGET YOUR WORST AREAS: Specific programs designed slough inches off your waist, thighs and hips. Re-sculpt your body to look like a Greek God/ess.
  4. BANISH HUNGER AND CRUSH THOSE CRAVINGS: these are the main reasons for falling out off a weight loss program. Our medical weight loss centers use powerful proprietary methods that keep you on track.
  5. UNCOMPLICATED: Rush Limbaugh lost 90 pounds in less than a year, but he spent 1-2 hours a day assembling complicated meals. We believe weight loss should be simple, so our weight loss programs are uniquely tailored to your gender, home and work schedule. Our easy to follow recipes, shopping lists and meal planners simplify daily meal preparation.
  6. STOP REBOUND WEIGHT GAIN: If you lose only fat not essential tissues or nutrients, your body won’t need to regain weight to grow healthy again.
  7. REAL GROCERY STORE SUPPLIES: Unless your lifestyle is extremely complicated, our weight loss centers will give you lists of unfrozen meals you can prepare easily every day.
  8. STABILIZE YOUR CRITICAL BLOOD LEVELS: Staying in control of your weight means you have to control blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  9. LOST WEIGHT MEANS REGAINED HEALTH: If you have weight-related medical problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease or arthritis, our weight loss doctors will help you eliminate the need for insulin, heart medications and other expensive drugs.
  10. LIVE DISEASE-FREE TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN: Perhaps you have lived with severe obesity for so long that you assumed it was a forgone conclusion that would would pass away early in life. That may have been the case some time ago, but today very aggressive weight loss programs can change your path in life. We make it easy for you to live to see another grandchild!
  11. CELEBRITY WEIGHT LOSS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES: You probably assumed that only celebrities could afford these weight loss facilities. Well not these days, as knowledge of the techniques and medications has become commercialized and costs of production have declined due to volumes purchased by weight loss clinics. So because more people became overweight in the United States, more programs and medications were produced, lowering costs thereby making celebrity medical weight loss totally affordable to you.
  12. LONG TERM RESULTS: Our behavior modification will leave you in control of your weight permanently.